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Interactive Development with Reloadable Code

Interactive Development with Reloadable Code

Mark Bastian, senior software developer

Clearwater Analytics

Feb 23, 2018


One of the least productive aspects of coding is the wait time from saving code changes until the code is running and in the right state for feature testing and verification. This talk discusses the concept of reloadable code, in which code changes are immediately propagated into a client upon save without also resetting the client state. The result is a dynamic and immediate feedback loop which allows for rapid prototyping and development. I will discuss techniques for implementing reloadable code and give live demonstrations of the concept.

Mark Bastian is a Senior Software Developer at Clearwater Analytics, LLC in Boise, ID. Mark specializes in leveraging new and disruptive technologies to solve difficult multidisciplinary problems. Domain areas he has developed solutions in include virtual and augmented reality, national infrastructure surety simulation and modeling, robotics, orbital mechanics, and modeling financial securities. He is a programming languages and paradigms enthusiast and seeks continuous improvement to himself and his team by studying and mentoring in these techniques. Mark has BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from BSU and WSU, respectively.

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