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About Our Location at City Center Plaza

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Located at 777 West Main Street in Downtown Boise, adjacent to the Grove Plaza, City Center Plaza (CCP) is in the heart of Boise’s technology ecosystem. The Department of Computer Science occupies a first floor lobby which connects by elevator/stairway to the second and third floors. This location provides computer science students with an unparalleled opportunity for internships and other interactions with industry in a modern and inviting learning environment.

The entrance into the Boise State portion of the building is located on the east side and marked with Boise State signage. You can head up the Boise State stairs or elevator to the 3rd floor to find the CS department Admin Office (Suite 364). Coming for a quick visit? The best parking can be found in the Capitol Terrace garage across Main Street (enter the garage from Idaho St. or Main St. between 8th St. and Capitol Blvd.). The first hour is free and $3/hr for each hour afterwards, $15 per day. More information on parking and transportation can be found further down this page.

Building Hours:

Mon-Th 7:00am-6:30pm and Fri 7:00am-5:00pm (except when closed during spring, Thanksgiving and winter breaks and other holidays where Boise State is closed).

Building Floor Plans

View building floor layouts here. Additional resources showing access points into the building will be added soon.

Accessing the Building:

Note: If you’re experiencing access issues with your student ID/proxy card, please email with: 1) your name, 2) student ID number & 3) the numbers printed on the back of your ID.

During and after hours students should use Boise State’s private entrance and elevator/stairs located on the east side of the building directly adjacent to the US Bank Building. All students registered in CS courses will be granted 24/7 proxy card access to this entrance.

Additional 24/7 entry can be made via proxy card access from the 3rd floor of the attached parking garage. This will be of convenience if you intend to use the 3rd floor bike storage facilities in that garage.

Accessing Labs and Other Building Spaces:

The building contains three labs and other spaces secured by proxy card access during and after business hours.

Note: CCP 240, 241 and 242 labs will be operational beginning during the spring semester. Additional limited tutoring will continue to occur on campus in RUCH 111.

  • Kount Computer Tutoring Center (CCP 241): This lab is accessible 24/7 by proxy card access to all students enrolled in CS courses.
  • CS 121L Classroom (CCP 242): This lab is accessible 24/7 by proxy card access to all students enrolled in CS courses however use will not be available during scheduled CS 121 courses and labs scheduled here (see schedule outside of lab).
  • Metageek Lab (CCP 240): This lab is accessible 24/7 by proxy card access to all students enrolled in CS courses however use will not be available during scheduled CS 121 courses and labs scheduled here (see schedule outside of lab).
  • RUCH 111 Tutoring Center: This lab is accessible by proxy card access 24/7 to all students enrolled in CS courses and located on the main campus.

Graduate assistant research neighborhoods on both floors and faculty office corridors are open from 6am-6pm and available by proxy card access after hours for students assigned research areas in these spaces. 2nd floor access is located at the west entrance (near CCP 221). The east access (near CCP 259) will be egress only. 3rd floor access is located just west of the main building elevator lobby. The south access (near the Gardner Company Visualization Center, CCP 342) and north access near the admin office will be egress only.

The mother’s lounge (a dedicated lactation room) is located in CCP 220 and is available for reservation through the CS Admin Office (CCP 364). A key to this room will be provided at the beginning of the reservation and must be returned immediately afterwards. This resource includes comfortable seating, a sink and a mini-fridge for short term storage. This room is for nursing mothers and any other uses are prohibited.

Parking and Transportation

A support page has been populated with information to assist you in getting to/from City Center Plaza. You may view this resource at


In case of an emergency, please dial 9-1-1. General building security concerns should be directed to Boise State Campus Security at (208) 426-6911. Other building inquiries/concerns can also be directed to Jordan Morales by email ( Visitors should be familiar with our building’s evacuation route:

Smoking Areas

There are two designated smoking areas at City Center Plaza:

  1. Near the corner of Main St. and Capitol Blvd.
  2. Behind the building on the Capitol side (near the bike racks)

Smoking in any other area is prohibited.


Building Updates (Spring 2018)

It was an big undertaking to complete the building in time for the Fall 2016 semester. Fortunately we made the deadline but it has continued to be a work in progress. Below is a rundown of some of the changes being made or will soon be made. We hope they make a difference for you and if you have any feedback, let us know at!


There have been some areas lacking in access to power. We’ve identified some of these locations (click on images below to enlarge them) and have funds set aside install additional receptacles this year. If there are other lacking locations or power needs, let us know!

Map of new power outlets for floor 2

Map of new power outlets for floor 3






More whiteboards have been added to study and research areas so you can quickly draw out and visualize those data structures. Markers will no longer be stocked in classrooms but we’ll replenish study/research areas on a monthly basis. Please make sure to cap markers, dozens were tossed last semester because they were left open. Sad! 


We get to breathe easier thanks to Gardner Company’s donation of plants and to The Potting Shed for maintaining them as well as donating planters that we’ve been able to paint a nice shade of Bronco Blue.


Another round of thanks is owed to CS faculty Dr.s Jain, Fails and Vail for their work with Boise State art curator Fonda Portales to add some ‘soul’ to CCP with some works of art from Boise State’s collection. The Arbiter published an article explaining this effort: Faculty make steps toward implementing art into learning spaces.


You probably know about the 3rd floor ping pong table and even the newly opened walkway nearby with a great view of The Grove but did you know what lies behind the double doors? Click the image below for an expanded layout of the space which includes a team room (room #345) and more study space throughout the 325 research area and outside on the balcony. These double doors, like all entrances into faculty corridors/research neighborhoods, are open during regular building hours!

3rd floor study space map