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Transportation and Parking at City Center Plaza

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The Boise State entrance to City Center Plaza is located one mile from the center of the Boise State Quad, the heart of main campus. This allows for a number of great travel options between the two locations.


A 20 minute scenic walk begins at the Friendship Bridge, runs along the south of Julia Davis Park, crosses Capitol Boulevard at the west entrance to Julia Davis Park and then heads due north to Main Street and the City Center Plaza building. A Google Map of this walking route can be found here. An additional option of using the Eighth Street corridor, BODO and south spoke of the Grove Plaza is available as well (map here).


A 7 minute scenic ride begins at Friendship Bridge, runs along the east side of ZooBoise (waive to the giraffes!), connects to 3rd street until turning west onto Grove Street and heading a few blocks to Capitol Boulevard, crossing at the Grove Street hawkeye pedestrian crossing or at Main/Capitol. A Google Map of this biking route can be found at This route utilizes park bike paths through the park and benefits from sharrows on 3rd street, light traffic on Grove Street as well as a hawklight pedestrian crossing at Capitol Boulevard that feeds directly into the CCP alley where bike storage is available (see more below). An additional option of using the Eighth Street corridor is also available (map of this route here).

GoPro video of bike route:

Bike Storage

In addition to bike racks located around the Grove Plaza (pro-tip: there are underutilized racks behind the US Bank building, the SE corner), secure bike storage facilities are also available on the 1st and 2nd floor of the Boise Centre East Building garage. You will need to visit the Cycle Learning Center to register for access to these spaces at a cost of $16 for 6 months or $26 for 12 months. Maps and instructions for these locations are noted below. As an additional benefit, this will also get you access to use the Brady and Lincoln garage bike barns on campus as well. Bikes should NOT be chained to trees, signs, etc.


Capacity: 41 bikes – Access via the east spoke of the grove plaza (the alley with the large mural). The entrance to this facility is as easy to find as Platform 9 & 3/4. Look for the large book in the middle of the mural and you’ll find the entrance below the book’s spine. After badging in, you’ll badge into another door on the left. First Floor Bike Storage Map


Capacity: 100+ bikes – Access via the elevator located to the north of the Boise Centre East Parking Garage. The CS space in CCP can be accessed directly from the third floor of the parking garage. Third Floor Bike Storage Map

Boise State Cycle Learning Center (CLC)

Bike rentals from the CLC may be a good option for some students. Learn more at

Boise GreenBike

Boise GreenBike is another option for short term bike rentals and has convenient locations near CCP and in areas on campus such as the ILC and ERB buildings. Learn more at

Bike Repair Station

Bike Repair Station

Need air for your tires?  There is a bike repair station just inside the Main Street Bus Station and to the right.






Boise State Orange and Gray Shuttle Routes

These routes connect the main Boise State campus, Lusk Street and downtown Boise. The Orange goes clockwise allowing timely travel from CCP to ENGR while the gray goes counter-clockwise providing quicker travel from ENGR to CCP. Exact route and estimated timing can be found at This site shows a live view of shuttle locations during operation hours.

Valley Regional Transit

City Center Plaza sits on top of the subterranean Main Street Station, the central hub for the Valleyride bus system. This provides an excellent opportunity for students living near Valleyride bus stops to use public transportation directly to City Center Plaza. Students planning to use this service should visit the Transportation and Parking Office, located in the front of the Student Union Building, to obtain a bus sticker for the student ID cards. The CS admin office at CCP 364 may also have stickers available. This will provide free access to the Valleyride bus system. Find out if this is a good option for you at


Beyond normal on-campus parking options (starting at $118/yr), there is limited availability for parking at downtown garages ($600/yr) with cross parking available on main campus. In order to be able to check availability and purchase this special downtown option, please email expressing your interest and including your ID #. Additional parking options include ParkBOI. On-campus parking is also a reasonable option due to the shuttle (see above).