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CS Seminars

CS Seminars are hosted by the Boise State University Computer Science department. Seminar speakers hold various industry and university positions.

Seminars are open to all students.

2019/9/20Fa'19Steve JermanKloudspotGetting Value from Network Analytics
2019/3/15Sp'19Josh Johnston, Director of AIKountGenuine Lessons from Artificial Intelligence
2019/5/3Sp'19Ayrton StoutAppDetexThe Adventures of Building a Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator in Rust
2019/3/8Sp'19Mark WunschKochavaDisrupting the advertising ecosystem
2019/3/1Sp'19Gaby DagherCS dept, Boise StateIntro to Blockchain
2019/2/22Sp'19Justin Morken, Senior Product DesignerTSheets (Intuit)Persuasive UX
2019/2/15Sp'19Mike Moser, Software EngineerPaylocityExploring Docker Containers
2019/2/8Sp'19Eric Argo, QA ManagerKountOpen, Honest, Fearless: Kount SDETs
2019/2/1Sp'19Carl Fee, Software EngineerClearwater AnalyticsAbout a Sub Processor in Bane
2019/1/25Sp'19Chris Geiser, CTOGarrigan Lyman GroupSeeing the full Stack across Core IT and Fast IT
2018/12/07Fa'18Justin Mack
Nevena Dragovic
Barry Zechmann
MarkMonitorProtecting brands in the digital world: Technical and business problems solved by MarkMonitor
2018/11/30Fa'18Tim Ramey, Director of EngineeringReliasMasking poor performance and calling it a feature
2018/11/28Fa'18Dennis Gammel, R&D DirectorSchweitzer Engineering LaboratoriesControl Systems Cybersecurity and Software Defined Networking
2018/11/16Fa'18Gregg Nicholas, Team LeaderClearwater AnalyticsPractical Usage of Actors in an Asynchronous Distributed System
2018/11/13Fa'18Gerard Ens, Founder and CTOGo West RoboticsHow do you break a robot? Testing autonomous robots
2018/11/09Fa'18Dr. Gaby DagherBSU-CS DeptOverview of Research Activities in Information Security, Privacy & Mining (ISPM) Research Lab
2018/11/02Fa'18David Montz, Chief Technology OfficerAppDetexBrand protection and securing your digital footprint
2018/10/12Fa'18Thomas May, software engineerClearwater AnalyticsMaking Software Fast
2018/10/05Fa'18Dr. Anton Wiranata, Principle Data ScientistHewlett-PackardArtificial intelligence application in industry
2018/09/28Fa'18Dr. Casey KenningtonBSU-CS DeptWhat is Graduate School and What Does it Have to Do With Me and How Might it Change my Life and Does Anything Actually Matter?
2018/09/21Fa'18Dr. David L. Millman, assistant professorMontana State UniversityApplications of Computational Topology and Geometry
2018/09/14Fa'18Ryan Vasso, Associate DirectorBSU-Venture CollegeEntrepreneurship, starting your own company, and what the VC can do to support you
2018/09/07Fa'18Kelly HoneycuttClearwater AnalyticsThrough the Clearwater Pipeline
2018/08/31Fa'18Shane PanterBSU-CS DeptCOM Automation - Driving legacy apps
2018/04/27Sp'18Chris Campbell, Expert Software EngineerHewlett-PackardWhy Docker Matters
2018/04/13Sp'18David Barret, CEO and FounderExpensifyStartups, Silicon Valley, and Succeeding at Life: Ask a VC-Backed CEO Anything
2018/04/06Sp'18Josh Johnston, AI Science ManagerKountFighting Fraud with Artificial Intelligence
2018/03/16Sp'18Zach Townsend, HR ManagerVerified FirstBuilding a Tech Start-Up on a Budget
2018/03/09Sp'18Sandy Dunn, Chief Information Security OfficerBlue Cross of IdahoSkills and Careers in Cybersecurity (we need more than hackers with leet skilz)
2018/03/02Sp'18Dr. Michael EckstrandBSU-CS DeptMaking Information Systems Good for People
2018/02/23Sp'18Mark Bastian, senior software developerClearwater AnalyticsInteractive Development with Reloadable Code
2018/02/16Sp'18Rob Tuft, vice president of client deliveryInTimeTecWhat I Need to Know to be Successful After I Graduate as a Software Engineer
2018/02/02Sp'18Shane PanterBSU-CS DeptCOM Automation - Driving legacy apps
2018/01/26Sp'18James Penick, Senior Software EngineerCradlepointMastering the Technical Interview
2018/01/18Sp'18Isaac Howard, QA ManagerKountUsing the Force: The Power of Testing in a Software Development organization
2017/12/08Fa'17Dr. Yantian HouBSU-CS DeptInterference mitigation in multi-hop wireless networks with advanced physical layer techniques
2017/12/01Fa'17Dr. Hoda MehrpouyanBSU-CS DeptCyber Security of Industrial Control Systems
2017/11/17Fa'17Nate McIntryeTSheetsComputerScience++;
2017/11/10Fa'17David RomeoAllataDe-CRUDing Apps with Event Sourcing
2017/11/03Fa'17John SalvieAllataAngular in 2017 – Modern Trends in the ngLandscape
2017/10/27Fa'17Mike Jones
Jerry Fails
Why consider grad school?
2017/10/20Fa'17Josh Johnston, AI Science ManagerKountFighting Fraud with Artificial Intelligence
2017/10/13Fa'17Robert WhitingClearwater AnalyticsCold, alone, and afraid with Adobe InDesign
Seth Samuels, VP of R&D
Eric Mann – Director of Product Engineering
KochavaDisrupting the Advertising Ecosystem with Real-Time Systems
Axel Magnuson, Software EngineerGooglePreparing for Technical Interviews
2017/09/01Fa'17Dr. Casey KenningtonBSU-CS DeptAdvancements and Challenges in Speech-centric Systems
2017/03/10Sp'17Suresh VenkatasubramanianUniversity of UtahFairness, accountability and transparency in automated decision-making
2017/03/03Sp'17Ted Thetford, Principal Product ManagerAmazonAmazon Recommendations: Who/what is behind the curtain?
2017/02/10Sp'17Angel Viña, CEO and PresidentDenodo TechnologiesHarnessing Data Virtualization for Data Management and High Performance Data Delivery with Hybrid Data Infrastructure
2017/02/07Sp'17Mike Ritthaler,
Senior Software Engineer
Clearwater AnalyticsNatural Language Processing and Machine Learning for fun and profit
2017/02/07Sp'17Dr. Joseph A. Konstan, Distinguished McKnight University ProfessorUniversity of Minnesota Recommender Systems: Beyond Machine Learning
2017/02/03Sp'17Seth Samuels, VP of R&DKochavaKochava: Who we are, what we do and why it is working
2017/01/27Sp'17Presented by a team of developersAppDetexThe life of a software developer
2015/10/09Fa'15 Chris “Whitey” GeiserGarrigan Lyman Group (GLG)Architecting for Scale and Security - Performance Matters
2014/12/12Fa'14Ben Noland, Software DeveloperClearwater AnalyticsBuilding a Software Product While Working Full-time
2014/11/21Fa'14C. Mark Maupin, assistant professorColorado School of MinesMolecular-level Insights through Computations
2014/11/07Fa'14Kyle Wheeler, Senior Advanced Memory Software ArchitectMicron TechnologyLightweight Multi-Threading
2014/10/24Fa'14Mark Shaw, Senior Color and Imaging ArchitectHewlett-PackardColor and Imaging Science in Embedded Systems
2014/10/17Fa'14Josef Wagner, Senior Software DeveloperMWI Veterinary Supply, Inc.Real Usage of Azure Cloud Database
2014/10/10Fa'14Russ Whitney, Co-Founder and CEOIdeaRoom Technologies, Inc.How to do Real Time 3D in a Web Browser
2014/09/26Fa'14Faisal Shah, Founder and CEOAppDetexStarting Companies in the Legal Space
2014/09/19Fa'14James Price, Director of Product DevelopmentClearwater AnalyticsNoSQL approach in SQL databases
2014/03/07Sp'14Clay Barks
Diane Emberton
David Wicks
Micron TechnologyManufacturing and Infrastructure, developing for internal customers
2014/02/28Sp'14Tim Ramey, R&D ManagerWhiteCloud AnalyticsData in the real world: sharing for high availability
2014/02/21Sp'14Todd Weible, CFO and CIOImpact SalesIndustry Specialization and the Art of Language Translation