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Entrepreneurship Emphasis

Entrepreneurship Emphasis Courses

Course Number and TitleCredits
Additional CS, CS-HU courses chosen from:
CS 332 Ethical Hacking
CS 333 Networking Security and Defense
CS 401 Introduction to Web Development
CS 402 Mobile Application Development
CS 410 Databases
CS 424 Cyber Security of Critical Infrastructures
CS 425 Computer Networks
CS 430 Parallel Computing
CS 436 Natural Language Processing
CS 437 Introduction to Information Retrieval
CS 441 Computer Architecture
CS 450 Programming Language Translation
CS 455 Distributed Systems
CS 457 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CS 464 Computer Graphics
CS 469 Human Computer Interaction
CS 472 Object-Oriented Design Patterns
CS 474 Software Quality
CS 475 Software Security
CS-HU 269 A Brief Intro to Human Computer Interaction
CS-HU 274 Software Testing
CS-HU 375 Secure Programming
CS-HU 390 Technical Interviews, Jobs and Careers
CS-HU 398 Current Topics in Computer Science
ENTREP 100 Intro to Tech Startups (1)
ENTREP 200 Customer Discovery for Tech Startups (1)
ENTREP 201 Minimal Viable Product Launch (1)
ENTREP 420 New Venture Creation (3)
ENTREP 401 Senior Idea Launch1
ENTREP 421 Managing an Emerging Business3