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For Employers

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The department seeks to be the partner of choice for employers looking for student interns, employees, research collaborators, etc. This page contains information on some of the ways we can engage with employers to connect them with Boise State CS students and alumni. Learn more about our students and graduates here.

Hold an Info-Session

A formal presentation or informal meet and greet allows students to learn more about a company. These can be scheduled in a classroom (better for presentations) or a conference room (better for meet and greets) in our building. Generally, 20-30 students will show up for these events (especially if food/snacks is provided).

If you’re interested in holding an Info-Session, please email A department representative will respond and get in touch with you to schedule your event and work out logistics.

Give a Tech Talk

A technical talk is a 45-60 minute presentation by a company expert discussing a technical topic relevant to the work done at your company. These can be highly effective in getting students interested in you company. These talks may be proposed as part of the required CS-HU 398 (Current Topics in Computer Science) which is held during the lunch hour on Fridays throughout the semester or one on their own at any other time. Giving a Tech Talk is advantageous as all students enrolled are required to attend and many not enrolled will also attend based on the topic (or if food is provided). Attendance ranges from 35 to 70 students, based on the enrollment in CS-HU 398.

If you’re interested in giving a Tech Talk, please email A department representative will respond and get in touch with you to schedule your event and work out logistics.

Hire Students and Graduates as Employees or Interns

At least 80% of our students participate in paid internships at local software companies.  This experience allows students to “hit the ground running”, making them invaluable assets for prospective employers. An internship experience offers students practical hands-on work experience, the opportunity to see first-hand whether a particular field is a good match, the chance to practice what they’ve learned in the classroom, first-hand knowledge of an organization, academic credit, financial security while taking classes, and an opportunity to network and make valuable connections for future jobs.

Depending on the quality and applicability of the opportunity, the department will forward internship/job opportunities from employers to students. Please send an e-mail to with the exact announcement you’d like forwarded. The announcement should at least include information about your organization, the job title and expectations as well as contact information and instructions on how to apply for the opportunity. These details may be provided in the email body and/or in an attachment. If the job is posted elsewhere (such as a careers page on your website), please still provide this brief information and the url to learn more. Peak hiring for summer internships or employment often begins in November of the year before and goes through the spring semester. However, many employers recruit intern all year around as well. Want to discuss your internship program (starting or modifying one)? Contact to set up an appointment with our department chair who will help you succeed in your efforts.

To learn more about the formal internship process for students seeking to gain credit for their internship experience, please visit However, most students don’t choose this option as students aren’t required to sign up for credits to do an internship.

Propose a Senior Design Project

All CS undergraduate students must complete a senior design project in CS 481. Teams of 4-5 students combine to select projects from submitted proposals. These projects are small enough that they can be completed in a little over one semester. A proposal template and additional details can be found on the CS 481 Sponsors page and past senior design projects are documented here. Companies like Balihoo, Clearwater Analytics, Cradlepoint, WinCo and NGOs like the BLM and IDLA have all benefited from this program with most projects being monetized or employed by the sponsors after completion.

Participate in the Expand.CS Scholarship/Internship Program

Fund vital scholarships and get the inside track on identifying and forming relationships with top students by becoming an Expand.CS industry partner. You can view the program flyer here and/or email to learn more about the program and join several other Idaho companies in the effort to expand local tech talent. This program is a great addition (or kickstarter) to any company’s internship program as partners are provided with all scholarship application materials which includes a resume, transcripts and faculty feedback. Internship programs are vital to recruiting new CS graduates. More than three fourths of CS graduates held paid internships prior to graduation and most often these internships began immediately following their sophomore year.

Attend University and College Career Fairs

Boise State holds career fairs in the spring and fall of each year, usually in mid-October and late-February. This is the premier career fair event for CS students. More info can be found here.

Additionally, the Boise State College of Engineering holds an engineering specific career fair in the fall. More info can be found here. Please contact Leandra Aburusa at or 208-7426-4432 if you have any questions.