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Graduate CS Courses

To view the course descriptions of these courses, go to the Graduate Computer Science Catalog hosted by the Office of the Registrar (click here). Please note that the semester offerings of these electives are accurately reflected in this table, but may not be up to date in the course catalog.

The courses CS 501, CS 503, CS 505, CS 516 and CS 517 are restricted to students in the CS Teacher Endorsement Graduate Certificate or Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction programs.

CS 501*Computer Science Principlessummer only1
CS 503*Teaching And Learning Computer Science Ifall only1
CS 505*Teaching And Learning Computer Science IIspring only1
CS 507Computing Foundations For Computational Sciencefall only1
CS 510Databasesfall and spring2
CS 516*Introduction To Web Developmentfall and spring2
CS 517*Mobile Application Developmentfall and spring2
CS 521Design And Analysis Of Algorithmsfall (even years).5
CS 524Cyber Security Of Critical Infrastructuresfall (even years).5
CS 525Computer Networksfall only1
CS 530Parallel Computingfall (even years).5
CS 533Introduction To Data Sciencefall only1
CS 534Machine Learningspring only1
CS 535Large-Scale Data Analysisfall (odd years).5
CS 536Natural Language Processingspring (odd years).5
CS 537Introduction To Information Retrievalfall (odd years).5
CS 538Recommender Systems And Online Personalizationspring (odd years).5
CS 541Computer Architecturefall only1
CS 546Computer Securityfall only1
CS 550Programming Language Translationspring (odd years).5
CS 552Operating Systemsfall and spring2
CS 554Advanced Operating Systemsspring (even years).5
CS 555Distributed Systemsspring (even years).5
CS 557Artificial Intelligencefall (even years).5
CS 561Theory Of Computationfall (odd years).5
CS 564Visualization Techniquesfall (even years).5
CS 565 / Math 565Numerical Methods Icheck math course catalog
CS 566 / Math 566Numerical Methods IIcheck math course catalog
CS 567Applied Cryptographyfall only1
CS 568 (will become CS 637)Information Retrieval spring (even years).5
CS 569Human Computer Interactionspring (odd years).5
CS 572Object-Oriented Design Patternsspring (even years).5
CS 573Advanced Software Engineeringfall only1
CS 574Advanced Software Qualityspring (even years).5
CS 575Software Securityspring only1
CS 539Social Media Miningfall (even years).5
CS 633Deep Learningspring (even years).5
CS 622Advanced Network Securityspring only1
CS 623 / Math 667Cyber Physical Systemsfall (odd years).5
CS 667 / Math 667Advances In Applied Cryptographyspring (even years).5