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Idaho CS Endorsement

The Computer Science courses have been designed for students admitted to the Graduate Certificate – Computer Science Teacher Endorsement, the MS in STEM Education with Computer Science Emphasis, or the Masters of Arts in Education Curriculum & Instruction programs to prepare in-service teachers to teach computer science at the secondary level.

Additional Steps for Endorsement

In addition to the CS courses, students will need to apply to the Professional Standards Committee at Boise State University.  Boise State University recommends endorsement for Computer Science to the State Department of Education based on the following:

  • Evidence of positive teaching evaluation in their current position by a principal and/or supervisor
    • In the area of Computer Science
    • An annual Principal evaluations could suffice as they should be Danielson FFT aligned per state legislative code
  • Transcript review of your degree coursework
  • Pass the Computer Science Praxis exam based on Idaho standard
  • Four clinical experience observations using the Danielson Framework across a span of no less than four weeks
    • Two from a BSU liaison, two from a mentor teacher and/or principal.
    • Email the education department representative to set up your BSU observations.
    • You will need to sign up for 1-credit ED-CIFS 558 Supervised Clinical Field Experience during the semester the observations are done.  The observations may be filmed so a Danielson certified observer, could conduct the observations
      • The student is required to purchase and activate a Taskstream subscription and upload their materials
      • Refer to the NBPTS Rubric for CIFS MA/MS Artifacts for further information
      • Contact the Division for Teacher Education to arrange field observation via the ED-CIFS 558 course.  The current contacts are Shelley Jund, Lori Pierce-French, and Jennifer Snow.

The above items must be completed for the teacher to receive Idaho State computer science endorsement.

When to Apply

Students are highly encouraged to apply for the CS endorsement before they graduate.

ED-CIFS recommends doing these in the last semester prior to graduation.  The grad college will require a student to re-register in order to take ED-CIFS 558 after graduation.

We recommended you take the CS Praxis exam in the last semester of your CS course work to ensure you have sufficient CS background to pass the test.


Beginning in 2018, the STEM Action Center plans to open a $500 sponsorship grant that teachers who become certified will be able to apply. Once the teacher has successfully passed the Praxis and received the Idaho CS teacher endorsement, they will receive $500.

This is dependent upon continued funding of the STEM Action Center.  Contact the STEM Action Center for details.