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IDoCode Program Info

Computer science skills are in high demand as it has become a driving force behind many of the advances in business, science and math, and now even social sciences and art. Thus in 2014, the State Board of Education and House Education Committee approved a rule change which allows students to take dual credit computer science or AP computer science as a math or science credit versus being counted as electives – providing incentive for students to explore the field of Computer Science.

Educational Programs

To supply this demand, Idaho requires teachers capable of teaching computer science effectively to all students.  Thus Boise State University developed three degree programs to train highly qualified Computer Science teachers.

  • The Computer Science Secondary Education Emphasis is designed for pre-service teachers. It combines content knowledge, theories of learning and human development, study of curriculum, and methodology to help students develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions essential for success in secondary school teaching.
  • The two masters programs are designed for in-service teachers who wish to pursue the Idaho CS teacher endorsement.  New cohorts form each summer – the application deadline is the end of March.

Teachers will be capable of teaching an introductory Computer Science course beginning with the fall semester after completing the first Computer Science course and if desired, an additional summer workshop specifically focused on the introductory course curriculum.  Upfront planning by the district or principal is required to promote the fall course to their students during normal fall registration.

Additional CS courses in the program prepares the teacher to instruct additional CS classes and become a subject matter expert in their district.  The complete sequence of courses is especially useful for districts who plan to offer a four-year sequence in their district, such as Career Technical Education programs.


Does Idaho have a “Computer Science Teacher Endorsement”?

The Computer Science Teacher Endorsement was approved Fall 2015. This approval creates a “Graduate Certificate” for teachers who wish to obtain an SBOE/OSBE endorsement to teach Computer Science in Idaho High Schools.

The Boise State University endorsement requires the teacher to successfully complete the course requirements detailed in the Graduate Certificate in Computer Science Teacher Endorsement. Refer to the Idaho CS Endorsement page for additional steps required by SBOE/OSBE.

If I already have the course content knowledge, can I challenge a course?

  • Yes, credit for can be granted for verifiable skills and learning gained through the experience.  Details can be found at: Credit for Prior Learning
  • Fill out the Prior Learning form and work with your advisor to initiate the evaluation process.
  • After filling out the form, contact Dr Amit Jain to work out the details of your portfolio assessment.

Do I need additional field evaluation to obtain the Idaho Computer Science Teacher Endorsement?

After finishing the CS courses in the Graduate Certificate, apply to the Professional Standards Committee at Boise State University. The committee will endorse the teacher to the State Department of Education based on the following:

  1. Evidence of positively evaluated teaching in current position
  2. Transcript review
  3. Passing the Idaho Computer Science Praxis exam
  4. Four observations using the Danielson Framework across a span of no less than four weeks

I already have a Masters, am I eligible for the Masters of Arts in Education program?

  • Yes, up to 1/3 of the Masters credits may apply from your prior relevant education or computer science coursework.
  • Contact Amit Jain to determine which of your prior Computer Sciences courses are transferable: Amit Jain, (208) 426-3821.
  • Contact Esther Enright to determine which of your prior educational courses are transferable: Esther Enright, (208) 426-1693.


There is a seven year window which spans all coursework required for the masters from the first course to finishing your degree.

Will classes be offered in the afternoon and evenings?

Yes, classes will be scheduled 4:30 or later to accommodate a teachers’ schedule. Classes will also be offered during the summer.

What do I do if the registration system says I have not met the prerequisite to register for a course?

  • The system believes the class if full.
    • In this case, contact the professor and request a permission number.
  • The system believes you have not fulfilled the prerequisites.
    • This may occur in the fall semester if you are also taking summer session courses.  For example, you may be registered to take CS 505 in the summer, but received this notification when attempting to register for CS 321 for the Fall semester.  In this situation, contact the professor explain your situation and request a permission number so you can register for the class.

Do I need a special ID card to access the computer labs?

    • Yes, you will need an ID card with a proximity sensor. Be sure to request a Student ID card with a proximity sensor.


  • If you received a magnetic strip only card, you can take the card to the info desk in the student union to be replaced with a proximity sensor card for free.

How do I apply for graduation?

For complete details on applying for graduation the student should consult their academic advisor. View the process and timeline basics.



  • Idaho’s Advanced Opportunities program, which sets aside up to $4,125 per Idaho student to use between seventh and 12th grades to pay for certain academic costs such as dual-credit classes that can run students and families hundreds of dollars.
  • Legislative Change: HB 648 approved.  On March 23, Idaho Governor Butch Otter signed a bill into law requiring all high schools to offer at least one computer science course. The Idaho legislature unanimously passed this bill. 

33-1634. COMPUTER SCIENCE. Starting in fiscal year 2020, each school district, specially chartered district and public charter school serving students in grades 9 through 12 inclusive, or any combination thereof, shall make available to all students in grades 9 through 12 one (1) or more courses in computer science. Students must have the option of taking the course as part of their course schedule during normal instructional hours at the school in which the student is enrolled. Such courses may be offered through virtual education programs and online courses, traditional in-person courses or hybrid courses consisting of a combination of online and in-person instruction. Computer science courses must be aligned with the Idaho content standards for computer science.