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Undergraduate CS Electives

Required courses are offered every fall and spring semesters. Electives (also known as additional CS courses) are offered on a varying schedule, which is detailed here to help you plan your degree. To view the course descriptions of these electives, go to the Undergraduate Computer Science Catalog hosted by the Office of the Registrar (click here). Please note that the semester offerings of these electives are accurately reflected in this table, but may not be up to date in the course catalog.

If one these courses isn’t listed in your catalog under the additional CS courses, you can still use them via an academic adjustment that you can ask the CS office staff to initiate on your behalf. Note that many of the newer electives have been added to older catalogs via a memo to the registrar so they will satisfy your catalog electives automatically. Selected CS 497 (Special Topics) courses also count as an additional CS course via academic adjustment (eligibility will be announced on the student mailing list).

Please note that CS-HU courses are all 1 credit each while the other elective CS courses are 3 credits each. More CS-HU electives will be added here when their offering schedule gets finalized.

CS 332Ethical Hackingspring only1
CS 333Networking Security and Defensespring only1
CS 401Introduction to Web Developmentfall and spring2
CS 402Mobile Application Developmentfall and spring2
CS 410Databasesfall and spring2
CS 425Computer Networksfall only1
CS 430Parallel Computingfall (even years)0.5
CS 436Natural Language Processingspring (odd years)0.5
CS 437Introduction To Information Retrievalfall (odd years)0.5
CS 441Computer Architecturefall only1
CS 450Programming Language Translationspring (odd years)0.5
CS 455Distributed Systemsspring (even years)0.5
CS 457Introduction to Artificial Intelligencefall (odd years)0.5
CS 464Computer Graphicsfall (odd years)0.5
CS 469Human Computer Interactionspring (odd years)0.5
CS 472Object-Oriented Design Patternsspring (even years)0.5
CS 474Software Qualityspring (even years)0.5
CS 475Software Securityspring only1
CS-HU 390Technical Interviews, Jobs, and Careersfall only1
CS-HU 398Current Topics in Computer Sciencefall and spring2