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Cybersecurity Minor

To respond to the rapid growing need of cybersecurity knowledge in many fields, the Department of Computer Science created this trans-disciplinary minor in 2014.

The objective of this minor is to educate students with correct computing ethics and prepare them with enough knowledge to understand the importance of cybersecurity in the workforce as well as the skills to effectively prevent/detect/be aware of possible cyber-crimes. This minor is a great option for students majoring in  engineering, mathematics, information technology and management, health sciences and other programs. Graduates who received this minor will be well positioned to jobs that combine their domains with cybersecurity.

For additional information contact: Dr. Jyh-haw Yeh (208) 426-3034, email

To obtain a minor in Cybersecurity, students must complete 16-17 credits of related coursework, as described below.

Cybersecurity Minor Courses

Course Number and TitleCredits
Choose one of the following:
CS 117 C++ for Engineers
CS 121 Computer Science I or
ITM 225 Introduction to Programming
CS-HU 153 Navigating Computer Systems1
Choose one of the following:
CS 230 Ethical Issues in Computing
ITM 305 Info Technology & Network Essentials
MATH 305 Intro to Abstract Algebra & Number Theory
MATH 307* Foundations of Cryptology
CS 331 Computer Security and Information Assurance or
ITM 455 Information Security
Choose two of the following (at least one CS course):
CS 332 Ethical Hacking
CS 333 Networking Security and Defense
MATH 307* Foundations of Cryptology
MATH 308 Introduction to Algebraic Cryptology
MATH 408 Advanced Asymmetric Cryptography & Cryptanalysis
*This course cannot be earned more than 3 credits towards the minor.

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