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Transferring External Credits into your BSEE

The Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department at Boise State strives for academic excellence.  To ensure students receive the highest quality undergraduate education, the ECE Department strictly enforces a transfer credit policy for the bachelor of science in electrical engineering (BSEE).  Note that the process differs for transfer students who are new to Boise State and existing ECE majors.  Below, process details are outlined for both student groups.

Credits Eligible for Transfer

Credits earned from an ABET-accredited Electrical Engineering (EE), ECE, or Computer Engineering (CompE) program can be counted towards ECE courses at Boise State with the approval of the department chair and student’s advisor. For example, credits earned in an ABET-accredited Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) program cannot be counted towards the ECE courses required for a BSEE degree earned at BoiseState.

New Transfer Students

  • Definition: A new transfer student is someone who has never taken courses with an ECE prefix at Boise State, but has completed ECE courses at other universities. 
  • Purpose: This process should be used whenever a new transfer student wishes to have an ECE course previously completed at another institution count for one of the ECE courses required for the BSEE at Boise State. 
  • Procedure:   Complete the form ECE Transfer Credit Evaluation – New Students. This process has documentation requirements, including a syllabus for each course/lab and unofficial transcripts.
  • Note:   Transfer of credits in math, physics, computer science, English, et cetera is administered by the department which offers the course.  For example, a math class would need to be evaluated by the Mathematics Department.  

Current Boise State Students

  • Definition: Students who have already taken an ECE course at Boise State are considered current students.  
  • Purpose: The ECE Department works hard to provide a range of quality, hands-on courses each semester. If a student needs to take an ECE course at another institution to catch up or get ahead, the ECE Department requires students to obtain approval in advance to ensure program continuity and academic rigor.
  • Procedure:
      1. Complete the online form ECE Transfer Credit Evaluation – Existing Students at least three weeks before anticipated course registration. If the proposed transfer course will be completed online, students must specify the proctoring method and ensure it conforms to Boise State’s guidelines for proctored exams.   After confirming the course meets Boise State’s standards for online courses, students must complete Boise State’s Proctoring Information form and upload as part of the request for transfer credit evaluation.
      2. For proctored exams taken at the Boise State Testing Center, the students must request an exam confirmation receipt from the proctor and obtain Proctor’s signature with date, confirming that they took the exam at the Testing Center. Students must submit this signed receipt along with their request to the department to update the AAR to reflect the transfer courses.
      3. The ECE Department will respond to complete transfer credit evaluation requests within 10 business days during the semester and within 15 days during finals, breaks.  The ECE Department will communicate a final decision using the official student email account on record.  If approved, students must save a copy of the email for the next step.
      1. Request official transcripts showing successful completion of approved course(s).  Once a transcript evaluator in the Registrar’s Office reviews a student’s transfer transcript, course credits will be officially transferred to Boise State as an ECE 200XF, 300XF, or 400XF.  
      2. After transfer credits post to a student’s account, s/he must complete the form ECE Transfer Credit Evaluation – After, including a copy of the email from step 2 above which documents pre-approval.
      3. The ECE Department will initiate academic adjustments so that pre-approved transfers will satisfy degree requirements for the BSEE at Boise State.  
  • Restrictions: 
    • Students may not take an ECE course at another university if the same course is being offered during the same semester at Boise State. 
    • Students may transfer up to 8 credits of ECE coursework (200-level or higher) to be applied to BSEE degree requirements at Boise State.
  • Related Policies: Boise State’s general degree requirements for a baccalaureate require that all students earn a minimum of 40 upper-division credits, 30 of which must be earned at Boise State.