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Meet Engineering Plus

Meet Engineering Plus

Innovation is a collaborative venture. As Boise State’s developed our Engineering Plus degree, we did so with the model that Jacquelyn Sullivan and her colleagues at CU Boulder created.

December’s issue of The Magazine of the Society of Women Engineers described the development and rapid growth of CU’s program. It also featured Boise State’s program, which is the first to stand up the innovative model at another institution. 

See Meet Engineering Plus in the online edition of SWE Magazine (and read more about Boise State’s fast-growing program on p. 50).


Engineering Plus Expands to Idaho

“In the fall of 2017, Boise State University became the first university campus in the U.S. to launch its own version of CU Boulder’s Engineering Plus program — proving that the concept has legs. ”

The article cites Dr. Noah Salzman who, along with Dr. Amy Moll and Dr. Vicki Stieha, has launched the Boise State Engineering Plus program.

Contact Information:

Noah Salzman:

Amy Moll:

Vicki Stieha:

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