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Apply for Graduation

Graduate Certificate – Computer Science Teacher Endorsement

  • Ensure you have applied for the graduate certificate program with the graduate college.
  • Submit a “Proposed Plan of Study for a Graduate Certificate” (PPSGC) form to the program coordinator Amit Jain.  This form is similar to the Application for Admission to Candidacy but for graduate certificates.
    • Complete the online form.
    • Once you submit the online form, it will be sent to your program coordinator for review and signature before it comes to the Graduate College.
    • Once the form is approved, the graduate college will send the student and registrar an email indicating it was approved.
  • The student should submit the PPSGC form prior to the graduation application deadline.

Masters of Arts in Education Curriculum & Instruction or MS in STEM Education with Computer Science Emphasis

NOTE: Students in either Masters program should also apply for the Graduate Certificate as they have earned both. Be sure to apply for the Graduate Certificate program before you apply for graduation in the masters program. If you were admitted directly into the Masters program, you will need to apply for the Graduate Certificate: Computer Science Teacher Endorsement at the Graduate College web site – how to apply.

  • A student needs to upload their project or thesis portfolios in TaskStream – contact your graduate advisor if you have questions.
  • Apply for the “Application for Admission to Candidacy” the semester before you plan to graduate.  Follow the Graduation process outlined in the Graduate College web site – process.
  • Apply for graduation before the end of the first week of the semester you intend to graduate:
    • Submit the “Graduation Application” after the Application for Admission to Candidacy has been approved.
    • The student may apply for graduation by logging in to their myBoiseState Student Center account.


Deadlines for the Application for Candidacy and Graduation Application can be found in the Academic Calendar.  At the bottom of the calendar page you will find a URL titled “… Academic Calendar and Session Deadlines”. Expanding the Fall 2018 deadlines as an example shows:

  • The deadline of April 9th is the last day to submit Application for Admission to Candidacy form to Graduate Admission and Degree Services for graduate degrees to be awarded in December 2018.
  • The deadline of August 24th is the last day to apply for graduation for graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificates to be awarded in December 2018.
  • Verify the dates for the semester you plan to graduate as these change from semester to semester.