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Community Building

Boise State University, in cooperation with Idaho School Districts, the Idaho Technology Council and IDLA, have begun a comprehensive partnership with the IDoCode program and to provide quality Computer Science instructional preparation for K-12 teachers.

One key aspect of the IDoCode program is sustainability!  To this goal we plan to “build a community” of educators, school administrators, industry and other supporters.

We recommend Computer Science Educators join in as many of the following Workshops, Projects and Groups as possible. Use these forums to share in the knowledge and experience of others and to share your insights and lessons learned with others in the community.

NOTE: We plan to host additional community building events.  Our next event is a dinner at Beside Bardenay on November 20th.  If you are interested in future events, please email Ernie Covelli to be added to our distribution list.

Summer Workshops:

For information on past and future workshops refer to the CS department “Community” page Summer Summer Workshops.

Join Piazza:

The IDoCode Piazza group is a place for discussion concerning computer science in Idaho high schools (and K-12 in general as well). Over time, this will help us build a community of teachers interested in teaching CS that can access each other (and the IDoCode team).

NOTE: Please post general questions and information about Computer Science instruction (ECS, CSP, best practices, articles, references …) on the Piazza IDoCode site so all can benefit from the discussion.

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Sign up: IDoCode Piazza Group
  • Select “Join as:” in the IDoCode CS 10K Community class (if you are not already a member).
  • Enter the email address you wish to use for login and notifications.

NOTE: A good place to start learning the tool is to look at the “Get familiar with Piazza” post once you have logged in.  “Click” on the Piazza Features List.  Then select the “Q&A” portion under the “Students” tab provides information on common Piazza usage.

Join the CS10K Community:

The CS10K Community is designed to support Exploring Computer Science (ECS) and Computer Science Principles (CSP) teachers from across the nation with varying backgrounds. In particular, this space can be used by teachers to support each other not only with the ECS and CSP curriculum, but teaching practices, resources (such as articles and videos), assessments, computer science content, and so much more.

CS 10K Community Information:

Once you have joined the CS10K community, we suggest you join in other Projects and Groups that match your interest.

For the ECS and CSP curriculum select the following forums:

Also join other CS10K Projects (recommended):

  • IDoCode (CSP and ECS) – the BSU Project
  • Mobile CSP – recommended CSP curriculum
  • (for ECS)
  • Into the Loop (for ECS)

We recommend you join the following Groups (based on your current interest):

  • CSP Open Group
  • ECS Open Group

Join the Teaching Mobile CS Principles forum:

Select the link and then follow the steps to “Register” for the Mobile CSP forum.

Select this link for more information regarding Teaching Mobile CS Principles.

NOTE: Additional information can be found on the CS Principles development can be found at CS Principles site and the College Board site.