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Masters of Arts in Education, Curriculum & Instruction (MACI)

Computer Science skills are in high demand as it has become a driving force behind many of the advances in business, science and math, and now even social sciences and art. Thus in 2014, the State Board of Education and House Education Committee approved a rule change which allows students to take dual credit or AP computer science as core math or science credit versus elective – providing incentive for students to explore the field of Computer Science. To supply this demand, we need teachers that are trained to teach computer science effectively.

The courses have been designed for students admitted to the “Master of Arts in Education, Curriculum and Instruction with specialized pathway in STEM Education with Computer Science” program to prepare in-service teachers to teach computer science in high schools.

Students in the new MA in Education, Curriculum and Instruction with CS pathway, can view the course template on the ED-CIFS site.  Contact the program coordinator to finalize the Cognate course work.


  • The “Master of Arts in Education, Curriculum and Instruction with specialized pathway in STEM Education with Computer Science” (MACI) is housed in the College of Education Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundational Studies (ED-CIFS) which is chaired by Dr. Kathleen Budge.
  • The Computer Science course work was developed and is taught by the College of Engineering Computer Science Department faculty.

Contact Dr. Esther Enright (208) 426-1693, email for details on the education and computer science course work requirements.

MS STEM Education – CS Emphasis (legacy program)

Students following the legacy MS in Education with CS Emphasis, use the following course plan.

Course Title
(Course Descriptions)
Computer Science Requirement:
CS 501AP Computer Science Principles3
CS 503Teaching and Learning Computer Science I5
CS 505Teaching and Learning Computer Science II4
CS 518Inclusive Strategies for Teaching Computer Science to Women and Minorities2

CS 321
CS 516
CS 517
Select two of the following:
Data Structures
Introduction to Web Development
Mobile Application Development
3 + 3
Educational Requirement:
ED-CIFS 506Issues in Education3
ED-CIFS 536Curriculum Planning and Implementation

Students in the MS STEM with CS emphasis will received an "Academic Adjustment" for ED-CIFS 536 based on content of CS 503 and CS 505.

Contact the coordinator for the MS STEM Ed program for academic adjustment approval.

EDU 660
Select one of the following:
Instructional Theory
Learning and Cognition
Culminating Activities: (Taken near the end of the program)
ED-CIFS 503Fundamentals of Educational Research or approved equivalent3
Project or


In addition to the CS courses, students will have to apply to the Professional Standards Committee at Boise State University to receive the Idaho CS Teacher Endorsement. For details on the additional steps, refer to the Idaho CS Endorsement page.