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Mobile CS Principles

The June 17-19, 2015 Mobile Computer Science Principles (MCSP) workshop uses mobile apps to introduce the seven “big ideas” in the AP Computer Science Principles curriculum to high school teachers.

Image of a group of high school teachers and the IDoCode committee at the 2015 Mobile Computer Science Principles (MCSP) workshop

For more information refer to the Mobile Computer Science Principles flyer.

Workshop Materials:


  • This workshop is being hosted by Boise State’s Department of Computer Science in partnership with the Boise State Concurrent Enrollment program.
  • The IDoCode project funded by National Science Foundation CS10K award #1339403
  • Boise State’s Department of Computer Science is a recipient of a Google CS4HS award.
    • The Google CS4HS program is an annual funding program to improve the computer science educational ecosystem by providing funding for the development and execution of CS teacher professional development worldwide.
    • To learn more about CS4HS, please visit the CS4HS website.

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