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Mobile Computer Science Principles for Secondary Teachers

The June 17-19 Mobile Computer Science Principles (CSP) workshop will use mobile apps to introduce the seven “big ideas” in the AP CSP curriculum to high school teachers.

The workshop is based on interactive activities and projects.  Attendees of the workshop will gain hands-on experience with simple mobile apps for Android phones/tablets using the AppInventor platform. Teachers will learn ways to increase student engagement in the classroom by modeling active learning techniques. Participants will be introduced to the community of practice with teachers in the IDoCode project at Boise State that trains high school teachers in computer science.

For more details and registration information refer to the Mobile Computer Science Principles flyer.

Please note that the deadline for accepting applications has been extended to 8th June!

CS Summer Workshops for High School Students

Due the to great demand for the 2014 Coding is Cool workshop, the BSU Concurrent Enrollment Program and the BSU Computer Science Department, College of Engineering are please to offer two “Coding is Cool” workshops in June 23-24 & June 25-26.

Coding is Cool – Level 1 is a two day Nuts & Bolts Introduction to Computer Science for High School students in grades 10-12 and no prior Computer Science experience is necessary.  Refer to the Coding is Cool Level 1 flyer for full details on the workshop.

Coding is Cool – Level 2 is a two day More Advanced Techniques in Computer Science for High School students in grades 11-12.  Participants should have some prior coding experience or have attended the Coding is Cool workshop last year.  Refer to the Coding is Cool Level 2 flyer for full details on the workshop.

develop.idaho 2015

Helping Idaho technology companies start, grow, and thrive. Refer to the Develop Idaho site for more details on the April 23rd conference.

The conference is intended for tech entrepreneurs, software developers, designers, IT professionals, industry leaders and computer science students!

The keynote speaker is Hadi Partovi co-founder of

A May 20, 2015 article regarding the develop.idaho conference was published in the Idaho Statesman.  View the full “Develop.idaho brings together IT, education, research” article.

Computer Science Teacher Endorsement Approved

The Computer Science Teacher Endorsement has been approved for the Fall 2015.  This approval creates a “Graduate Certificate” for teachers who wish to obtain an SBOE/OSBE endorsement to teach Computer Science in Idaho High Schools.

The Boise State University endorsement requires the teacher to successfully complete the 20 graduate computer science credits detailed in the Graduate Certificate – CS Teacher Endorsement.


Hackfort Education Panel Video – March 2015

Hackfort 2 held discussions on tech and creative cultures of Boise with three days of TED-style talks, panels, demos, presentations, product launches and workshops to explore the intersection of technology within music, education and civic life. Hackfort events took place March 26th-28th.

Bob Williamson, one of the IDoCode teachers from Skyview High School, Maria (Sole) Pera and Amit Jain BSU professors and Cathy Ammirati representing Micron Foundation were part of the education panel. The education panel footage starts around 6:22.

IDoCode Logo

This wonderful logo designed by Keela is intended to illustrate how we intend to grow computer science participation.

Image of the IDoCode logo

ECS Pilot

Boise school district will pilot the ECS course Fall 2015 at Timberline High School.  The district will then evaluate the curriculum for inclusion in all Boise High schools Fall 2016.

Hour of Code – IDoCode

As part of CS Ed Week, many of the IDoCode scholarship recipients hosted “Hour of Code” activities in their schools.  There efforts helped to bring this wonderful learning activity to over 1250 students from 8 schools: Skyview High, IDEA, Rivervue Academy, Riverglen Junior High, South Junior High, Timberline High, Nampa Christian and Sage International.

The most ambitious activity was hosted at South Junior High to get every student involved in the hour of code.  They accomplished this feat by hosting the hour of code in every English class throughout the day.  The staff used computers from the library, math department, CRW class, and 2 mobile labs. Such a large effort required support coaches from the Boise community, Boise State University faculty/staff/students and several students in computer science classes from Borah High School.

To add another level of interest to the challenge, the principal solved the problem the day before to establish a bar for all students to beat – those that beat the principal recorded their victory.

The joyful expressions on the students’ faces when they succeeded in solving their hour of code activity indicated the success of this event.  Everyone enjoyed the challenge and numerous students continued the hour of code projects after the day’s events – exclaiming the number of line they had written at home.

Boise State CS Participates in 2014 CS Ed Week

See how Boise State CS Participates in 2014 CS Ed Week held December 8-14.

State Board approves CS qualified as Math/Science credits for graduation

In 2014, the State Board of Education and House Education Committee approved a rule change which allows students to take dual credit computer science or AP computer science as a math or science credit versus being counted as electives – providing incentive for students to explore the field of Computer Science.