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Coding is Cool: A Nuts & Bolts Introduction to Computer Science

The workshop is June 19-20th on Boise State campus.

This two-day workshop introduces computer science and coding to high school students and high school teachers who are interested in learning about computer science. The workshop included a special session for the teachers to prepare them with some strategies for introducing and teaching coding to their students.

The students built apps for Android phones using the AppInventor visual block language as well as wrote programs using the Processing language. No prior programming experience is required.

The workshop costs $25, breakfast and lunch is provided. Professional Development credit is available.

Register by June 12th.

iSTEM Workshop – strand on Computer Science Principles

The iSTEM workshop is four days on June 24-27th on the CWI campus.

This workshop uses Processing and the Finch robot. Free tuition, free food, free books and a free robot! Includes a special field trip to four software companies that will show the teachers what software engineers do. The workshop requires no prior programming knowledge (but if you have some, this is more in-depth than Coding is Cool workshop). Sign up on the following website. Idaho State Department of Education website.