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News Archives 2012

News Archives 2012

Spring 2013 Semester Lab Changes – Please Read!

This information is intended for all staff and faculty requesting software and configuration changes in COEN Windows labs (ERB 3100, ENGR 212, ENGR 312, ENGR 120 Lab, ENGR 238, MEC103, MEC402).  Please communicate this information to your department adjuncts not yet assigned to a course as soon as possible for their inclusion in labs configuration.

Several of you have issued new software requests for the upcoming semester.

A comprehensive list of all software currently available in labs can be found online at by clicking the Windows Labs – Software List hyperlink.

If additional packages are required for the Spring 2013 semester, we need the request (and the software) no later than Wednesday December 19th. 

Once classes are in session it is extremely difficult to find available time frames large enough to perform updates on lab machines, as all rooms are heavily scheduled.  Please review this list and respond with any changes to

VIRUS ADVISORY August 2012 – Please Read

Messages regarding debit draft notifications, digital certificates expiring, or email maintenance have recently circulated to BSU email accounts resulting in infected machines at the College of Engineering. These messages encourage recipients to reply, click hyperlinks, or to reveal personal credentials in order to gain control over your accounts and the computer.

Spam phishing schemes result in virus-infected computer(s), potentially compromise COEN or Boise State systems, and could expose personal accounts to online criminals (i.e. keystroke loggers that record your online banking information to gain access).  OIT will shut down segments of the COEN network if compromised systems are not immediately removed from circulation.

A phishing message may exhibit one or more of the following characteristics:

  • From domains other than (ex:
  • Threats of disabling, deleting, or terminating your email/internet access if you do not respond
  • Contain grammatical and/or spelling errors

Legitimate email messages from an organization will NEVER ask you to reveal your password or other private, secure information.

Symptoms of an Infected Computer:

  •           Pop-ups install, run or advertise programs
  •           Cannot update or install anti-virus software
  •           Scans do not remove infected files
  •           Degraded pc performance
  •           Problems surfing the web
  •           Software programs become non-responsive
  •           Routine commands stop functioning

How Do I Prevent Viruses on BSU Computers?

  • Update your computer to latest software, anti-virus and OS security patches
  • Do not under any circumstances respond to phishing requests.  In GoogleMail select ‘report phisihing’ from the reply drop-down menu on any suspect messages and flag it as SPAM
  • Exercise extreme caution when surfing to websites, opening email attachments, or using thumb drives

If You Have An Infected Computer

Contact COEN IT Staff (  It takes approximately one to two weeks to rebuild infected machines, or find a suitable workaround.

Please be advised that the focus on restoring your computer to service is to provide a functioning machine.  Personal media files (pictures, music) should not be saved to COEN systems and will not be restored.

network cable

FALL 2012 Announcements: CONSOLE CHANGES

OIT is now providing equipment and support for COEN Consoles.  The console transition means that Audio Visual equipment and Windows Consoles will be upgraded this fall.  Windows Console machines will be updated to 64bit.

This affects ET313, ET314, MEC106, MEC114, MEC307 and MEC309, only.


NEW BroncoPrint equipment in Windows Labs:

  • New release stations  (ENGR 212, ENGR 238 and MEC 103)
  • New printers (ENGR 238 and MEC 103)

OIT is providing toner and paper for Bronco Printers in ENGR 212, ENGR 238, and MEC 103, as well as BroncoPrint station and server support.  COEN IT Staff will continue to provide assistance to students and faculty on these devices as well.

ALL COEN Windows lab machines were upgraded to Windows 64bit to better leverage the hardware resources and improve system responsiveness. 

NEW Computers:

The Windows machines in the ENGR238 computer lab are new HP systems with solid state drives and 8GB of RAM.

The Linux machines in the Computer Science Metageek lab are new Dell T1600s with i7 processors and NVidia GPUs (graphical processing units).

BACK UP Your Data

Local hard drive files are not backed up. Please save any important documents to a network server (I: drive, L: drive, M: drive) to ensure your electronic information resides on a secured, restorable location.   All COEN servers are backed up nightly.  Files may even be quickly recovered by COEN faculty and staff without IT Staff assistance (or without ever needing to restore from back up!) just by using Windows ‘restore’ features!  COEN IT Staff can also recover and restore network server files as needed.

Other Methods to Back Up Data:

  • Large amounts of personal data can also be stored on an external drive (sometimes external drives fail, however)
  • OIT is providing 500GB of space to university researchers
  • Google is providing 5GB of “Google Drive” space free to each faculty and staff member at Boise State University (and will provide 25GB more space starting at $2.49 per month)

COEN IT Staff is investigating additional network server data and backup solutions for COEN research staff, to be announced at a later time.  Please contact us if you have questions about these topics, or need more information.

image of Sparky, the COEN IT Services Mascot!

Meet Sparky, the COEN IT Services Mascot!

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