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Mark Q Shaw

Dr. Mark Q Shaw is a Color and Imaging Architect at Hewlett Packard, in the Laserjet Hardware division, Boise, Idaho. He has over 20 years experience in the Color and Imaging Industry, having previously worked for other major corporations including 3M and Xerox.

Dr. Shaw received his B.S. in Graphic Media Studies from the University of Hertfordshire, his M.S. degree in Color Science from the Munsell Color Science Laboratory, RIT, and his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University in the department of Signal and Image Processing.

Mark’s research interests include video coding, multi-spectral color reproduction, color modeling, gamut mapping, color management and image understanding. In 2010 Mark was awarded the HP Research Fellowship to study for a PhD in Electrical Engineering at Purdue University, an honor given to only 7 employees per year in the Imaging and Printing Division. Mark was awarded the Grum Scholarship from the Munsell Color Science Laboratory, the Varns Excellence in Printing Award, the AGFA Printing Award, and the Institute of Printing Bronze Medal.

Mark Shaw’s CV