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ME Club rocks ASME HPV!

Photo of the 2019 Boise State HPV team
Congratulations to our HPV racing team, both those who raced and those who stayed behind. Pictured: Jonathan Mott, Robby Davis, Jessica Carlson, Megan Kennedy, and Kolin Hawkins.

by Jessica Carlson, ME Club President

I wanted to send you the results from the Human Powered Vehicle Competition that the ME Club participated over spring break in Pomona California. This competition was hosted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. We placed 4th out of 20 schools in the endurance race. 5th in the women’s drag race and 9th in the men’s drag race. For the design portion of the competition, we placed 11th. For the overall competition, our final placement was 7th out of 20.

picture fo the human powered vehicle for 2019 in front of the lighted ASME sign
Boise State’s HPV entry for 2019

We did very well for a rookie team and one of the major components for our success was the sturdiness of our bike. Throughout the three day competition, we never had any breakages or failures. I have attached … the official results.

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