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2019-2020 SAB Members

Here is more information on the members of the MBE Student Advisory Board for 2019-2020.

Sam Anderton

Year in Program: First Year
Involvement: Business Professionals of America, Meistersingers, BSU Quiz Bowl, Venture College, Boise Startup Week, FCM, and other smaller groups both on and off campus.
Why I want to serve: I can add a different perspective to the SAB, drawn from my experience in groups both inside and out of engineering. I have had the opportunity to lead engineering teams in the past where I built and raced carbon fiber, solar-powered cars with the Oregon Solar Car Team, as well as robots for my school’s First Tech Challenge team. I also have given multiple speeches, including events like Ignite!, Professional Engineers of Oregon’s annual conference, Portland Mini Maker Faire, etc. I have worked in a composite shop that contract built carbon fiber bodies for high tech vehicles, including Kitty Hawk Flyers (decacopters that fly people), Samson Switchblades (flying cars), and various airplane models. I am passionate about the well being of my school, and would love to be able to contribute my perspectives to better the future of our department!

Katelyn Cudworth

Year in Program: Third Year
Involvement: Society of Women Engineers, Mechanical Engineering Club, Engineering Living-Learning Community, Skiing, Long-Distance Running
Why I want to serve: I am a strong advocate of students finding a mentor/mentors their first couple years in college. I think it is important to have someone who demonstrates how to be successful, involved, and happy through such a challenging yet rewarding major. I want to serve on the Student Advisory Board so that I can continue to help voice the importance of student clubs, organizations, and overall opportunities that help students connect with mentors.  

Robby Davis

Year in Program: Third Year
Involvement: Mechanical Engineering Club; Human Powered Vehicle Competition; Undergraduate Research Assistant; 3D-Printing enthusiast; Soldering Workshop Facilitator; Unofficial world record holder for longest card throw  
Why I want to serve: If I became a member of the Student Advisory Board, I would focus on trying to create a better foundation for incoming engineering students. I believe that better run and funded student clubs could lead to more successful projects and greater participation by younger students. I believe with my multiple years of leadership experience, hardworking principles, and exceptional presenting skills, I would be an effective advocate for the student’s voice. 

Willem Elsdon

Year in Program:  Third year
Involvement:  Mechanical Engineering Club (Treasurer), Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Civil Engineering Club, Engineering Living Learning Community, Skiing, Aerospace and Motorsport fanatic
Why I want to serve:  I want to serve on the Student Advisory Board to help bridge the gap between the department and the student body, especially with regards to our career fairs. As an upcoming senior, I’ve experienced three years of what gets done right and what can be improved. I’m sure everyone wants to see the MBE department and its students be successful throughout college and afterwards. I believe the first step in increasing student success is providing more networking opportunities between students and larger, more recognizable engineering companies. This requires a diverse engineering career fair with companies outside of the local Boise area. I believe the MBE department prepares its students for whatever dream job they might seek, local or across the world. The next step is to connect those well prepared students to their dream jobs and companies.

Dusty Gyllenberg

Year in Program:   Third Year
Involvement:  Led the ME Club fabrication process on the Human Powered Vehicle for ASME E-Fest (2019), Engineering and Science Festival volunteer(2017, 2019), Tau Beta Pi Honor Society Vice President-elect, an active member of Civil Engineering Club (2018), Engineering Living and Learning Community or EIRC (2016).  Also have experience as a diesel technician, welder/fabricator, and machinist.
Why I want to serve:  I want to serve on the Student Advisory Board because I feel that my past involvement in the Department of Engineering would offer a unique insight on issues the board addresses.  I would like to serve, not only to give back but also to help represent my colleagues’ needs for success within this department.

picture of Shelby Mcneilly

Shelby McNeilly

Year in Program: Third year
Involvement: Last April, two of my friends and I decided to reboot the BAJA Racing Club here at Boise State. I’ve served as the club’s president for the past year, all while trying to provide interested engineering students with the opportunity to design and fabricate an all-terrain vehicle that will be raced in this year’s Baja Society of Automotive Engineers California competition. This past December, I was invited to join the prestigious engineering honor society, Tau Beta Pi. I have been an active member since my initiation, and was elected to serve as the club’s reporting secretary for the upcoming year. Outside of school-related activities, I have been a national horse riding competitor since 2012, and have competed thrice at the Pinto World Championship. On top of that, I’ve been an avid motorcycle rider since I was little; during the summers you can often find me up in the mountains dirt bike riding!
Why I want to serve: For the past year, I’ve represented my peers as a member of the Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Student Advisory Board. I know what’s expected out of this experience, and feel as if my previous year’s involvement will be useful to new members of the board, as well as the board itself. Being a soon-to-be senior, I have a firm understanding of the inner workings of the department and the current curriculum, and would love to continue to offer my input and ideas to help better the program for upcoming students.

Jordyn Rogers

Year in Program:   Third year
Involvement:   Society of Women Engineers (elected Vice President for 2019-2020), Mechanical Engineering Club, Student Advisory Board
Why I want to serve: I would love to be on the Student Advisory Board for a second year to be able to give feedback to the department and advocate for students to get connected to the resources they need. I hope that I can help see positive changes within the department while I finish my last year in the program, and encourage others to become involved in clubs and other student organizations.

Samantha Schauer

Year in Program:   Third year
Involvement:   I’m currently the Vice President of the Society of Women Engineers and will be the President next year. I’m also a current participant in Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, undergraduate research through the HERC Fellowship, the Peer Ambassador program for COEN, and am currently a member of the Student Advisory Board. I’ve previously been a Learning Assistant for MATH 175 and a Learning Assistant Mentor.
Why I want to serve:   Through my involvements, I’ve had the chance to interact with students in all years of their degree, along with speaking with potential future students through the Peer Ambassador program. This has given me the chance to hear students’ concerns at all stages of their college experience. I would love the opportunity to continue to represent the student body on the Student Advisory Board and voice the opinions of my peers.

Terek Zimmerman

Year in Program: Second Year
Involvement: Microgravity, Aerospace Club, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society, National Collegiate Honors Society
Why I want to serve: I would like to serve on the Student Advisory Board because I feel like I could help make a difference when it comes to classroom support and curriculum/course offerings as I previously worked as classroom support for calculus classes, and I know how students needs vary, and sometimes more help is needed than what can be provided and I would like to look into that. In addition, I feel as if there are some classes that students would like to see as upper division electives that have not been offered in some time now, and I would like to try to get those classes on the list in upcoming semesters. I also know that the Machine Shop has been waiting for funds to renovate for a while now, and I would like to help with budgeting to see that plan come to fruition.

Photo of Josh Newberg

Joshua Newberg

Year in Program: First year graduate student
Involvement/hobbies: Graduate Assistant in the Mechanical Adaptations Laboratory (MAL, Dr. Uzer), fishing, mountain biking, trail running, backpacking
My Drive to Serve: Completing my B.S. in the MBE program at BSU helped me to gain valuable experience through two engineering internships, undergraduate research in the MAL, and continued education in pursuit of a master’s degree. I feel impelled to give back to the organization that has given so much to me. Focusing on creating opportunities that place students in real-world environments, and acquiring valuable professional connections, are critical components to the future success of undergraduate engineering students.