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Microgravity 2018-2019

Microgravity Logo

The Boise State Microgravity Undergraduate Research Team participates in NASA’s Micro-g NExT program. The program requires students to design, build, and test a tool for current space exploration challenges. If accepted into the program, the team will travel to the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) at the Johnson Space Center to test their tool in front of NASA engineers.

Tool Design

The team will soon be choosing which challenge to work on and begin the brainstorming and prototyping processes. Updates will be provided throughout the project through the team’s Facebook page, the Instagram page (links on the left), and under the Team Updates page.


The Microgravity Team will be participating in multiple educational outreach events throughout the year. These events are intended to inspire K-12 students throughout the community about STEM careers and opportunities, current NASA missions and goals, and space exploration in general. Updates from every event can be found under the Outreach page.


MiSUMI logo

Misumi creates original products for the factory automation machine industry. They have generously promised to donate components used in the manufacture of the design.

SGW Designworks logo

SGW Designworks is an engineering and design firm in Boise, ID. They have agreed to consult the team to help the members refine their ideas and produce their best product.

Go Engineener logo

GoEngineer is a software and training provider for cutting-edge engineering and science tools. They have agreed to provide the team with Solidworks training sessions.

Intermountain3D logo

Intermountain3D is a hardware, software, and training provider for 3D printing related elements. They have agreed to provide the team with 3D printing resources like consulting, having 3D printed parts, and using their 3D scanner technology.