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Meeting Agenda

Agenda-copyCAES logoMaterials, Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization Workshop

May 13-14, 2015

Shore Lodge Lower Pavilion

McCall, Idaho


Morning 05/13SpeakerInstituteTopics
ChairLan LiBSU
9:00 - 9:10Darryl ButtBSUWelcome and Intro
9:10-9:35Kevin GeringINLExploring Electrolyte Properties and Behavior through a Chemical Physics Modeling Approach
9:35-10:00Sumeet PandeyMicron Technology Inc.Virtual Screening of Molecular Precursors and Materials with Enhanced Functionality: Closing the Gaps
10:00-10:25Eric JankowskiBSUPredicting and engineering morphology for photovoltaic materials
10:25-10:45Coffee Break
10:45-11:10Michael GlazoffINLMathematical Morphology and Its Applications in Nuclear Engineering and Materials Science
11:10-11:35Xianming "David" BaiINLMultiscale Modeling of Microstructural Evolution and Thermal Transport in UO2
11:35-12:00Donna GuillenINLCharacterization and Modeling of a New Material for Nuclear Reactor Applications
12:00-12:25Janelle WharryBSUNuclear Materials
Afternoon 05/13SpeakerInstituteTopics
ChairDarryl ButtBSU
1:30-1:55Gabriel PotirnicheUIMicrostructure-based modeling of creep-fracture and creep-fatigue crack growth in steels at high temperatures
1:55-2:20Ray FertigUniversity of WyomingMultiscale physics-based simulation of failure and durability in polymer reinforced composite materials
2:20-2:45Yang LuBSUInterdisciplinary Modeling of Sustainable Infrastructure Materials Across the Length Scales --- a characterization, simulation, and prognosis study
2:45-3:10Victor GintingUniversity of WyomingA Locally Conservative Stress Recovery for Continuous Galerkin FEM in Linear Elasticity
3:10-3:30Coffee Break
3:30-3:55Maria SushkoPNNLMultiscale approach to materials modeling based on density functional theory
3:55-4:20Lan LiBSUMultiscale modeling of materials for energy and sustainability applications
4:20-4:45Ata ZadehgolUIMulti-scale and Stochastic Computational Electromagnetics.
4:45-5:30Darryl Butt & Lan LiBSUDisccusion and Future Collaboration
Morning 05/14SpeakerInstituteTopics
ChairJanelle WharryBSU
9:00-9:10Janelle WharryBSUIntro
9:10-9:35Bruce SavageISUAdvantages to Composite Modeling
9:35-10:00Tao XingUIRecent Development of Solution Verification and Validation in Computational Fluid Dynamics
10:00-10:25Daniel SchwenINLRapid Phase Field Model Development using the MOOSE Framework
10:25-10:45Coffee Break
10:45-11:10Inanc SenocakBSUState of Parallel Computing in Modeling and Simulation
11:10-11:35Eric WhitingINLHPC strategy and positioning and visualization work done at INL
11:35-12:00Alejandro FloresBSUStudying coupled human and environmental systems with models: on the importance of stakeholder engagement
12:00-12:30Darryl Butt & Janelle WharryBSUCollaboration Discussion & Conclusion
12:30-1:30Lunch & Adjourn