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Research Experience for Teachers in Materials for Society

Apply Your RET Experience in the Classroom

RET Program Dates: 10 June through 2 August 2019

Some flexibility is available depending on academic calendars.
Applications are still being accepted.

About the Program

The Research Experience for Teachers (RET) aids the integration of research with education and multiplies the benefit to both students and teachers. RETs play an important role in enhancing K-12 teacher skills in communicating science. Our goal is to help teachers better appreciate what materials science is, what materials professionals do, and how materials science serves society.

This eight week summer research experience is for teachers and runs in tandem with the REU. The RET at Boise State will expose STEM teachers to research techniques, instrumentation, and personnel that will better equip them to teach and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Program Cost

There is no cost to REU Program participants! Teachers selected to participate in the RET receive a $650 stipend per week. Limited housing is provided on the Boise State campus.

How to Apply

Complete the Online Application

The online application requests the following information (which should be assembled prior to starting the application form):

  1. Contact information
  2. Employment Information
  3. Education Information
  4. Four short essays (each no more than 300 words) that describe the following:
    1. Why you would like to be involved in this Research Experience for Teachers in Materials for Energy and Sustainability
    2. What experience you have in science curriculum development
    3. In what ways you would like to involve scientific research in a classroom setting
    4. What you think you can contribute to the Research Experience for Teachers in Materials for Energy and Sustainability

Request a Recommendation Letter

Request a recommendation letter from your first line supervisor or school principal. Supervisors can upload RET Recommendation Letters online. Note that the system does not send auto-confirmation of letter submissions. Letters should include comments on the applicant’s potential for mentored science, lab skills, interest in science, motivation, work ethic, etc.


Contact us at or call Prof. Rick Ubic at (208) 426-2309.

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