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2013-14 MSMSE Four Year Plan – Calculus Ready

Fall Semester - First YearSpring Semester - First Year
UF100 Intellectual Foundations3ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing3
CHEM 111, 111L General Chemistry I with Lab4CHEM 112, 112L General Chemistry II with Lab4
MATH 170 Calculus I4MATH 175 Calculus II4
ENGR 120 or ENGR 130 Introduction to Engineering3PHYS 211, 211L Physics I with Calculus and Lab5
Fall Semester - Second YearSpring Semester - Second Year
MATH 275 Multivariable and Vector Calculus4MATH 333 Differential Equations4
PHYS 212, 212L Physics II with Calculus and Lab5PHYS 309, 309L Modern Physics with Lab4
ENGR 245, 245L Introduction to MSE and Lab4(CID) MSE 215 Materials Processing3
ENGL 102 College Writing and Research3UF 200 Civil and Ethical Foundations3
Computer science elective3
Fall Semester- Third YearSpring Semester - Third Year
MSE 305 Structure of Materials3ENGR 240 or ECE 210 Electrical Circuits3
MSE 308 Thermodynamics of Materials 3MSE 418 Phase Transformations and Kinetics3
ENGR 210 Statics3MSE 312 Mechanical Behavior of Materials3
MATH 360 Engineering Statistics 3MSE 380 Materials Science and Engineering Lab2
Technical or engineering elective3Technical or engineering elective3
DLL, DLV, or DLS course3
Fall Semester - Fourth YearSpring Semester - Fourth Year
PHYS 423 Materials Characterization3(FF) MSE 482 Senior Project II3
MSE 404L Materials Analysis Lab1Technical or engineering elective3
MSE 310 Electrical Properties of Materials3Technical or engineering elective3
MSE 480 Senior Project3DLL, DLV, or DLS course3
DLL, DLV, or DLS course3DLL, DLV, or DLS course3
MSE 498 Materials Science Seminar1


Highlighted courses are offered only in the semester in which they are listed.

COMPSCI Elective:

The following courses fulfill the computer science elective requirement:

  • CS 115 (Intro to C)
  • CS 117 (Intro to C++)
  • CS 119 (Intro to Java)
  • CS 120 (Intro to Programming Concepts)
  • CS 125 (Intro to Computer Science)

Disciplinary Lens Courses:

Students need to take one DLL, one DLV, and two DLS courses. DLS courses must come from two different fields.

Technical, Engineering, and MSE Electives:

  • Students must complete 12 credits of technical and engineering electives
  • Six of these credits need to be in engineering disciplines (ENGR, MSE, ECE, CE, or MBE)
  • The other 6 can come from engineering, math or science disciplines
  • Of the 12 credits, 6 must be upper division (300‐ or 400‐level)
  • All technical and engineering electives must be approved by the student’s advisor

Grade Policy:

A grade of C- or above is required for all prerequisite courses and for all upper division courses within the student’s major.