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Analytical Services Contract Form

Computational Materials Engineering Lab, Allison Corona photo.

Providing Analytical Services

Faculty and laboratory coordinators often receive requests from industry for analytical or other laboratory services outside of the the scope of an established recharge center. A contract is required to perform these types of services. Please refer to the information below when performing analytical services for off-campus entities:


Recharge Centers

Projects Outside of the Scope of an Established Recharge Center

  • Complete the Analytical Services Agreement Form (see links above.)
  • Obtain required signatures. See the COEN assistant dean of research and facilities for Boise State’s signature. Faculty and staff do not sign this form.
  • Provide a copy of the final signed agreement to the MSMSE administrative program manager.
  • Complete the services noted on the agreement form.
  • Notify the MSMSE administrative program manager when work is complete and or billing is required.
  • The program and marketing manager will process invoices related to each agreement.


Contact Boise State General Counsel or the COEN assistant dean of research and facilities for additional information.