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Approved Contract Vendor Catalogs

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General Purchasing Guidelines

  • Boise State contracts with certain vendors who provide office supplies, lab supplies, and equipment. These specific contracted vendors must be used for all purchases, unless they do not provide the item you are seeking.
  • Graduate students and employees are not authorized to purchase items using their own funds for reimbursement, unless authorized to do so in advance.
  • Graduate students and employees must use the appropriate forms to request items for purchase.
  • All purchases require primary investigator (PI) and Material Science and Engineering (MSE) Department approval
  • Allow 2-3 days for the approval and purchasing process on orders under $2,000.00
  • Allow two weeks for the approval and purchasing process on orders over $2,000.00

Contract Vendor Catalogs

Merchandise is authorized for purchase from non-contract vendors only if not provided by the vendors listed below. View catalogs and contract pricing before placing orders: