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Dr. Elton Graugnard – NSF CAREER Awardee

Dr. Elton Graugnard

The National Science Foundation has awarded a $500,000 CAREER award to Dr. Elton Graugnard, Assistant Professor in the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering. The award, “Scalable Manufacturing of Two-dimensional Atomic Layer Materials for Energy-efficient Electronic Devices via Selective-area Atomic Layer Deposition,” aims to establish a new mode of manufacturing for high quality 2D nanomaterials. These 2D materials show promise for flexible and energy-efficient electronic devices, but there is not a good method for manufacturing them for use in electronic devices. This grant will fund research that has the potential to enable adoption of these new materials in the semiconductor industry, and supports continued improvements in electronic device performance. Areas for improvements include information storage capacity and computational power, while lowering energy demands of these devices.

Dr. Graugnard has been a faculty member in the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering since 2009. The award, which focuses on atomically thin semiconducting materials, studies selected-area or seeded atomic layer deposition, a manufacturing technique used to deposit materials with high precision and uniformity. “Finding a way to interface 2D nanomaterials with existing manufacturing techniques has enormous potential for improved devices in the semiconductor industry,” remarked Dr. Graugnard. These materials also hold promise for quantum information processing devices, in alignment with the National Science Foundation’s Quantum Leap effort.

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