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Elective and Technical Emphasis Options

 MSMSE Undergrad Materials Lab, Eric Jankowski's Lab, Allison Corona photo.

Technical Emphasis  Courses

Beginning in catalog year 2016-17, students are required to take 9 credits of electives to complete a technical emphasis.  These courses must be approved by the student’s advisor to ensure that they represent a suitable emphasis area. Complete the Technical Emphasis Area Proposal Form to obtain advisor approval.

Guiding Principles for Choosing Technical Emphasis Courses

  • The list of emphasis areas below is suggestive but not exclusive.  Use this list as a starting point in choosing a technical emphasis.
  • All 9 credits must be related to one another.
  • In general, the credits are expected to be upper division credits; an exception will be made for some emphasis areas.
  • Students may propose an emphasis area that would be approved by the undergraduate coordinator (e.g., for a student studying the computational modeling of polymers, the student might propose MSE 464, MSE 397, and MATH 365).  To do so, send an email to Megan Frary ( with the course names, numbers, and descriptions, along with a paragraph justifying your proposed area of technical emphasis, describing clearly how it relates to or supports the MSE curriculum.

Suggested Areas for Technical Emphasis