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Inventory Resources

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Boise State regularly collaborates with the Department of Energy and related entities that require inventory of items purchased using grant funds. All Department of Energy national laboratory (e.g., Idaho National Laboratory, which is operated by Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC or National Renewable Energy Laboratory which is operated by Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC) grant awards must provide a breakdown of items purchased. 

A purchasing request system has been established to help with the inventory process. Note that this purchasing system must be used in order for inventory to be taken.


These purchasing forms automatically populate the appropriate inventory spreadsheet, based on the segment string provided on each form. Select the appropriate fund sources from the drop-down menu on one of the purchasing forms.  Check with the Principal Investigator (PI) of the project before submitting your purchase request to ensure the correct information.

Purchasing Guidelines and Forms


Details of each item purchased will auto populate the appropriate spreadsheet. Research group members with access to inventory spreadsheets are responsible for entering these fields:

  1. Unit of measure. Any appropriate unit of measure is authorized.
  2. Quantity remaining. If the same item is purchased multiple times (e.g. nitrile gloves,) it will show up on multiple lines in the sheet. Enter quantities remaining on all entries.
  3. Updated location. If items are moved from the originally stated storage location, enter the updated location in the appropriate column.

All other inventory data is locked for editing.

Inventory Spreadsheets

Collaboratory Questions?

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