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Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering News

Joe Croteau – Master of Science Alum 2016

Joe Croteau in the Desert

Joe was born and raised in Juneau, AK, where environmental stewardship and conservation are a daily part of life. During his final year of high school, he participated in an experimental curriculum called the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) Academy. Through ACE, Joe helped to establish several internship programs with local, private and governmental engineering firms. It was his interest in green energy technology and his passion for cars and motorcycles that led him to pursue an education in automotive design. He enrolled at the Vehicle Design Institute, which is a part of the Plastics Engineering Department at Western Washington University. Joe learned about the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering at Boise State partly because of its extraordinary value. He saw the potential to have greater access to world-class professors at a much more affordable cost. Boise State’s beautiful campus also has the feel of a small town community with big city amenities aJoe Croteau at Graduationnd immediate access to nature. For these reasons, Joe transferred to Boise State to complete his bachelor of science. He was encouraged to continue his studies and he graduated in 2016 with a master of science.

The Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering provided Joe the opportunity to pursue his interest in lightweight structural materials and materials for low-carbon energy production. He was able to collaborate with researchers throughout the region and all across the United States while conducting research in the Advanced Materials Group with Dr. Darryl Butt and Dr. Brian Jaques. These excellent hands-on experiences prepared Joe for a great career

What is Joe Up to Now?

After graduating in 2016, Joe was offered a position as a materials engineer at NanoAI, LLC, a Chicago-area technology company that designs and develops high-performance aluminum alloys. He is currently leading research to design and develop aluminum alloy compositions specifically tailored for additive manufacturing (3D-Printing.) Joe is involved in every stage of the process from basic scientific research to product development and marketing. The Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering prepared Joe for this excellent career opportunity by offering experience on a broad range of state of the art equipment for materials processing. Computational materials science is embedded in the curriculum, which allowed Joe to gain well-rounded experience in materials modeling and theory. A significant added value was having relevant and collaborative research projects with other universities, national labs, government agencies, and industry partners. The opportunity to interact with local business and community leaders, and to work with members of the global scientific community allowed Joe to broaden his network. Boise State also offers complimentary courses in business, policy, and education that provided Joe a well-rounded approach to solving research challenges.

How can YOU Succeed in the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering?

Any prospective student should check out what the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering has to offer. Joe says the Program is like a tightly-knit family. “Whatever you’re passionate about, academically or otherwise, you will find someone in the department who shares that passion,” said Joe. He added that, “whatever it is that makes you unique, the program is supportive and collaborative. It is clear to me that Boise State and the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering encourage diversity. They understand that diversity is necessary for a holistic approach to education and is essential to finding scientific and engineering solutions for the issues that effect Idaho and society as a whole.”

Alumni – Keep in Touch!

We are seeking contact with all MSMSE alumni. Complete this quick questionnaire and we will email you a draft write-up for your review and approval before posting. Send photos to Dena Ross, MSMSE program and marketing manager Stay in touch and let us know where you are now.

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