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President Obama Visiting the Boise State College of Engineering

Scholarships can help support the cost of your education! There are several types of scholarships available each year. Some are based on specific GPA and academic standing, others are based on financial need, and still others are available to students enrolled in specific disciplines.

Boise State Scholarships

The Boise State Financial Aid office is the first place to start in your search for general and engineering-specific scholarships. Students apply for all scholarships online. Each scholarship may have a different application deadline and different eligibility requirements so make sure you read the details closely.

External Scholarships

There are many scholarship opportunities offered by materials science and engineering professional societies and organizations that are related specifically to materials research:

Take the time to complete some scholarship applications! It is well worth your effort. You could receive funds to pay for all, or a portion of, your tuition, textbooks for a semester, or living expenses.