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Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering News

Undergraduate Student Addie Lupercio

Student in the Computational Materials Engineering Lab

Addie Lupercio grew up in Eagle, Idaho and spent a majority of her summers hanging out in Boise or camping in the back country of Idaho. When she first started school at Boise State, Addie was a nursing major but switched to Materials Science and Engineering after a year. Her first chemistry class inspired her interest in Materials Science. The professor for that class was a chemical engineer who talked to her about the benefits of the program and recommended she pursue a degree in this field.

Involvement Creates Opportunities

Addie recognizes that involvement inside and outside the classroom allows her to gain the leadership and problem-solving experience needed in today’s job market. Participating in community service and extra-curricular activities that promote STEM is also a great way for her to focus on time management.  Addie serves as the vice president of the MSE Club where she is responsible for coordinating STEM events in the community such as Aerospace Day and the Engineering and Science Festival.

She is a member of the Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society and is involved with the Society of Women Engineers. Addie is also the outreach coordinator for the Micro-Gravity Team at Boise State, a NASA sponsored undergraduate research team. In Fall 2016, the Team’s proposal for a tool that NASA could use in micro-gravity was accepted. They are now hard at work building this tool and will test it in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston later this spring. This project and other outreach opportunities facilitate great educational experiences for students of all ages.

Hands-On Research Experience Creates Knowledge

As a student in the MSMSE undergraduate program, Addie has the opportunity to conduct research in a state-of-the-art materials lab. She is currently conducting research on half-Heusler materials for use as thermoelectric generators. The goal of the project  is to develop wireless sensor nodes for applications in nuclear energy.

Addie helps make the necessary materials and conducts characterization of these materials pre and post-irradiation. When she graduates with her bachelor of science degree, Addie intends to pursue graduate school at Boise State or another university so she can then pursue a career in researching materials for nuclear energy.

Sage Advice Creates a Fun Undergrad Experience

Addie’s biggest recommendation to current and prospective students is to be ready to take advantage of all the resources that the MSMSE program has to offer. Students should do their best to participate in undergraduate research. There are so many opportunities available to help students get started in research and the MSMSE offers a variety of materials-related specialties. Not sure what kind of research is best? The staff and faculty in the MSMSE program are very friendly and helpful so take advantage of the help and guidance they can offer.


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